Query Data from Dataset Contract

Band Protocol aims to augment your decentralized applications with real-world data. Now that you have the connection with Band Protocol's smart contracts, you can start querying data as a simple function call. Follow the tutorials below to get started.


To start consuming data from Band Protocol, the following two conditions must be satisfied.

  • Your smart contract must be funded with Ether, the native currency of Ethereum. Querying data requires payment in Ether. You can request free ETH on testnets from available faucets (Kovan faucet).

  • You need dataset's unique identifier (address) associated with the dataset you want. Visit Available Datasets section to see what's available at the moment.

Perform Data Query

Import Band Protocol's Oracle Interface

First, you need to import Oracle interface to your smart contract. Depending on the way to connect with Band Protocol, this process can be differ.

For band-solidity users:

import { usingBandProtocol, Oracle } from "band-solidity/contracts/Band.sol";

/// Inherit from `usingBandProtocol` to get access to helper functions
contract MyContract is usingBandProtocol {
  /// ...

For non-band-solidity users:

interface Oracle {

  function query(bytes calldata input)
    external payable returns (bytes32 output, uint256 updatedAt, QueryStatus status);

  function queryPrice() external view returns (uint256);

Instantiate Oracle Instance

Next, you can instantiate an Oracle instance with the dataset address. This object can be used to exchange information with Band Protocol.

/// Instante an oracle instance for a given dataset address
Oracle oracle = Oracle(0xa24dF0420dE1f3b8d740A52AAEB9d55d6D64478e)

Check for Query Price

The cost of querying one data point from the dataset contract can be obtained by calling queryPrice function on the Oracle instance. This function costs nothing to call.

/// Get the price of querying for one data point (in Wei)
uint256 queryPrice = oracle.queryPrice();

Perform Data Query

The final step is to call query function to get for data from the dataset contract. The standard query function takes one argument, the input key, together with payment in Ether. It returns three values. See Reference for the explanations of the returned values. Specifications of input keys can be found on dataset pages.

/// Make a query for key "SPOTPX/ETH-USD" (ETH/USD spot price)
(bytes32 output, uint256 updatedAt, Oracle.Querystatus status) =

Additionally, for developers that use band-solidity library, inheriting from usingBandProtocol class allows the smart contract to call additional helper methods on Oracle object. Full reference is also available in Reference. Some of the examples are provided below.

/// Get the most-up-to-date ETH/USD rate
uint256 ethusd = oracle.querySpotPrice("ETH-USD");

/// Get the most-up-to-date ETH/USD rate. Must not be older than 10 mins.
uint256 ethusd = oracle.querySpotPriceWithExpiry("ETH-USD", 10 minutes);

Request Data Update


In this initial release, Band Foundation is responsible for facilitating data request updates. We are developing a decentralized peer-to-peer network to replace this. See Data Provider for more details.

Although data providers strive to continously supply data to on-chain dataset contracts, it is possible that some data may not be up-to-date the at the moment you need. As a dapp developer, you can request data providers to supply data for a given key of a given dataset instantly by POSTing a HTTP request to https://data-request.bandprotocol.com/data/request. An example is provided below.

# Request a data update request for key SPOTPX/ETH-USD
curl -X POST \
  https://data-request.bandprotocol.com/data/request \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "network_id": 42,
    "dataset": "0xa24dF0420dE1f3b8d740A52AAEB9d55d6D64478e",
    "key": "SPOTPX/ETH-USD",
    "broadcast": true


curl -X POST \
  https://data-request.bandprotocol.com/data/request \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "network_id": 42,
    "dataset": "0xa24dF0420dE1f3b8d740A52AAEB9d55d6D64478e",
    "key": "0x53504f5450582f414d5a4e",
    "broadcast": true

The example above shows a a request to update spot price of ETH/USD pair on Kovan's financial dataset. Notice that the POST request takes a JSON parameter with four inputs.

  • network_id: Ethereum network ID (e.g. 1 for mainnet, 42 for Kovan)
  • dataset: Unique address of the dataset to update data
  • key: Hex-formatted or ASCII-formatted key for data to update. See specification on the dataset pages for details.
  • broadcast: A boolean indicating whether the data update transaction should be automatically broadcast. If true, Band Foundation will broadcast the transaction. If false, this HTTP request will return an Ethereum transaction data.

This feature is especially necessary for the Web Oracle dataset. You can read more about it here.