Financial Data Feeds (Mainnet)

This dataset provides near real-time update financial data across multiple asset classes. You can utilize financial data feeds to power your DeFi appplications. Below is the addresses of smart contrats associated with Financial Data Feeds.

Contract Address
Dataset Token 0x33d3f653c9D86dC726337Cf395FaB39583A35988
Dataset Oracle 0xD5D2b9e9bcd172D5fC8521AFd2C98Dd239F5b607
Governance Parameters 0x584DD3Df26BD6F6CDfD9b08B85130e9c53709CEc

Key-Value Format

Similar to other datasets on Band Protocol, data consumers query for financial data by providing an input key in return for an output value. We cover the specification in this subsection.

Input Key

An input key consists of two parts, concatnated with / as the delimiter.

  • The first part, Query Type, is a unique identifier that identifies query type.
  • The second part is a variable length parameter as required from corresponding query type.

Examples are provided as follows.

Key (hex) Key (ascii) Explanation
53504f5450582f4254432d555344 SPOTPX/BTC-USD Spot price of BTC/USD pair
53504f5450582f4554482d555344 SPOTPX/ETH-USD Spot price of ETH/USD pair

Output Value

An output value is a 256-bit unsigned integer that represents the output result. Depending on query type, output value may be multiplied by 1018 to maintain arithmetic precision.

Query Types

Below is the list of query types currently supported in Financial Data Feeds. Each query type comes with its unique keyword to use as the first part of query keys.

Asset Spot Price - SPOTPX

This query returns the current fair price of the given asset. Different providers may have different interpretation of what a fair price is (mid price between spread, last traded price, etc).

  • parameter: As of the current release, two parameters are supported: BTC-USD for BTC/USD price, and ETH-USD for ETH/USD price.

  • output: The final result of this dataset is the median value across all data providers. The final result is multiplied by 1018.